Now, if you’ve indulged and thoroughly feeling like a flipper-less seal, you might need to burn off a few wheels of cheese. Park the car at Gravelly Beach and walk around Swan Point, along Paper Beach and through to the Supply River. You get a free education on 19th century colonial establishment, bush ranging, flour milling and even get to stand where a guy called AH carved his initials into the rock at the falls – ‘A H 1804’. Graffiti took somewhat longer in 1804, none of this you-keep-a-lookout-while-I- tag scenario – it’s endured over 200 years in solid bluestone and might take some scrubbing off with a high pressure cleaner. If you’re really unlucky, someone else might be paddling in the pools amongst the falls and you can actually drink the water – I know.

Where else in the world can you visit in one day: A nudist beach, see the world’s largest jumping pillow, visit a gravelly beach, see a turbo chook, pat a pig, see Australia’s oldest (colonial) graffiti, play in a museum where 13 million ounces of gold have been produced and had to pump 6 million litres of water per day to get it, and drive along Australia’s longest navigable estuary… None other than the Tamar Valley! 

More burn you say? Get yourself to Greens Beach – and walk leisurely to Nudist Beach, walk mildly around West Head, wildly all the way around the headland and along to Badger Head – go absolutely insane and take a tent, sleeping bag, stove, some of that abalone and salmon you found with a bottle or three of Pinot Gris and walk to Bakers Beach – the Coastal Traverse.