The Tasmanian Tamar Valley Wine Trail, one of the best in the world 

Here in the Tamar Valley, there are 32 vineyards that makeup Tamar Valley Wineries, all ready for your appreciation or indulgence as it may be. If you don’t want the designated driver tag, run a quick Tripadvisor search via Things to do in the Tamar Valley and choose a local driver, take a tour, and let your hair down. Go on, visit the Tamar Valley Wine Route.

Many award winning and internationally recognised wines and cellar doors are all waiting for your visit. Tetsuya Wakada stated that Australia did not produce quality Merlot, until he tried Grey Sands and that’s the tip of the iceberg. What’s different is that in the valley you can engage with the folks behind the counter – they’re interested in your conversation and will impart their story upon you – take self-confessed survivor of ‘Frisco ’67, Mark Semmens at Marions Vineyard and the beautiful story behind Wines for Joanie. They’re all articulate, engaging and have a wicked sense of humour – unless you just want to use the toilet…..visit the Tamar Valley Wine Route website.

The Tamar Valley Wine Route is one of the top ten in the world but it’s definitely not all we do, heard of Boags for instance? If you’re not a wine or beer drinker, you’re in luck- organic cider is another trending right now product of the Tamar Valley.

You don’t drink beer you say, what about cider – at a cellar door, just ‘cause it’s trending right now and you can say ‘I don’t drink beer, but oh, I do enjoy organic cider’. Well, you can. Check out Brady’s Lookout Cider.