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Google Tamar Valley Accommodation or any mix of these words and you’re bound to find something……maybe. Get lazy with Trivago, Wotif, Lastminute, Agoda and let technology do the heavy lifting, but if all else fails or the idea of doing the hard looking scares you know what out of you, drop into the Visitor Centre in Exeter and they can book you in. 


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Discover Tasmania - Let’s you get a bit more specific #Tassiestyle Airbnb - Start with a location in the middle of the Tamar Valley, somewhere like Deviot, Rowella, Kayena or Rosevears and then choose from the map.
Stayz - Again, explore the surrounding area until you find what you like.
Booking.com - Type in Tamar Valley, choose map search and viola! You’re in the valley!
tripadvisor - Hotels, holiday rentals, things to see and do and restaurants – very handy.



If you need qualification, read on….

We like to think of ourselves as ‘lifestyle’ stays – the kind of places that make you feel at home, relaxed, on holiday – not over-serviced, contrived and just another bed for the night. Remember when you used to go away for Easter or Christmas holidays and spent 5 or 6 nights in the one spot and made it home? That’s how it feels just staying overnight – think Noosa, Margaret River, Yarra Valley or Hunter region without the stress. Food, wine, arts, parks, flora, fauna and a 70km long waterway to wake up to each morning without traffic, tour buses or resort noise – all within 40 minutes of an airport, an hour to Cradle Mountain or Barnbougle, and let’s be realistic – the other end of the state is only 200km’s away.

Weird things happen when you stay in Tamar Valley Accommodation – you may be tempted to let your i-device, laptop or mobile just inadvertently run out of battery. Your sudden urge to update your status, post, re-tweet or snap is overridden by the soaking up of sun reflecting off the water while you sip coffee over breakfast in silence – we’d forgive you if you decided to Instagram the moment. You may find your wallet emptying with glee as you purchase another bottle of Merlot or add another platter to your munchies on the deck.


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During my last holiday, it was 50/50 on spending loads on the accommodation and little on things to do or vice versa. My next holiday is going to be a bed for the night and all me, me, me. The West Tamar provides the opportunity to do both. Splurge or purge. Self-contained villas offer the bed for a night plus kitchen and there’s quite a few to choose from. Cabin parks for the same again at a lower price and more modest fittings. Hotel and motel for the room only stays and then there’s the splurge properties.

A whole range of B&B, cottage, guest house and holiday homes properties that are hands on or hands off.  Take some of the guest houses as an example – they break the mould of a hosted accommodation, many with views down to the river, some offer private water-frontage, eucalyptus forests surrounding you, that warmth that comes with natural timber and the only sounds are of native birds or the clink of your glass against another – the accommodation is seemingly right in the middle of a zoo on most occasions with wallabies, potoroos, possums, bettongs, quolls, echidna, marsupial rats, owls and even Tasmanian devils on occasions.

Check out an award-winning spa apartment overlooking the huge bays, high above the river or tucked into a pocket of forest. Loads of operators feature in People’s Choice awards with most Tripadvisor reviews (except one) being in the excellent category (the other was very good) and comments like perfect, best, beautiful and fabulous don’t do them justice. I prefer the ‘we reconnected’ stories, ‘I felt like I travelled to the end of the earth’ or ‘wasn’t it nice to turn the phone off and experience silence for just a little while.’

Literally a stone’s throw from each other – cottages match them with rave reviews – ‘paradise on earth’ should pique your interest. Choose a cottage or a suite; a homestead – all are incredibly good. It’s time to rethink the doilies, carpeted walls and vacant, staring dollies and think fresh, contemporary styling with crisp linen, clean lines, blending antique with modern sophistication. There are dozens to be experienced from Riverside through to Greens Beach.

If you want to do modest yet comfortable, yep, we’ve got that too. If you want more oomph in your attraction dollars, stay in a hotel room, cabin or unit and enjoy the comfort without your credit card melting.

What we offer is the chance to experience an authentic stay n wake in Tamar Valley Accommodation…..If you want hyper-modern, super –ultra, fit-for-a-sheik then go to Dubai.